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About Me

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  • B.A. in Cultural Engineering: Cultural Studies, Knowledge Management, Logistics
  • Currently B.Sc. in Psychology (half-time, distance)
  • first experiences in business consulting, focus on marketing and HR development
  • over 10 years in non-formal education in various European organisations
  • active as trainer and moderator with focus on youth education, group dynamics and self-development

During the last years, life has been very generous to me and I was able to live in many different places and to meet many fantastic people. This blog is intended to be a little showcase for all these projects I was able to pull off or attend, because I figured that the common social networks might not be the best form of presentation.

I’ve been able to intern in several organisations and agencies focusing on education from different perspectives, both in Germany and abroad. Also I gained insights working as a business consultant for a bit after graduation, focusing on projects that boosts both companies in training their staff and helping people to find the job that suits them best.

My biggest influence comes from joining the European Youth Parliament in 2003, one of the biggest European youth education projects, engaging nearly 30,000 young people in over 40 countries each year to discuss politics nonpartisan. From there I developed an interest into learning, teaching, training and organisational development which clearly shaped my views on the world and my professional interests.

I am passionate about process, how things are transformed, how people learn along these transformations and we can design these transformations so that they are effective, beautiful and appealing. And we can find these transformations everywhere, in us, in our surrounding, in production, in cities and organisations.

That is where a certain interest in design and arts occurs from and where I try to connect learning and transformation with photography and imaging. As long as it is hands-on. If you have thoughts you would like to share, have ideas or projects to make us think or just some love to spread, feel free to contact me.


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