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Bridging the gap – again


You might now that I have a very strong connection to Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, ever since I lived at the Bosphorus for a couple of months in 2009/2010. Here is an update on our little romance…Because I still had some photos lying around that I took during a trip in Spring 2014. A good friend of mine was living at the Golden Horn that time, so me and another friend paid a visit. Nothing special.

Looking at it from today’s perspective, with all the political developments in Turkey that happened during the last year, this all seems a bit bizarre. Right now, I wouldn’t know whether to travel to Turkey at the moment. Not that I would be afraid of my safety necessarily, but because it seems the country has changed a lot compared to our first date back in 2006.


Ironically enough, the last time I went it was the high time of campaigning for the presidential elections of 2014 – the first time the Turkish people were able to elect their head of state directly, resulting in a landslide victory for Erdoğan. This was a clear backup of his policy and a cornerstone to further design a presidential republic in a way he imagines. And the rest, so far, is history…

Anyway, a couple of new photos got added to the Flickr album here (new pics at the end).


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