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Christmas fairytale in Moritzburg


Back home for Christmas we made visit to Moritzburg, a little town near my hometown Dresden. Centre of the town is a Baroque picturesque castle which plays an important role in Eastern German/European culture.The Moritzburg castle was a set for Czech fairytale movie named “Three Nuts for Cinderella” (Tři oříšky pro Popelku). This is probably the most famous christmas movie in Germany, screened on hot rotation every December. Like two times a day on several channels. Thus, the castle was hosting an exhibition about the movie: explaining the origin and development of the movie, etc. And it was crowded, despite the missing snow at the end of December.

Surely, there is much more history to the castle and the premise, as it was a hunting castle for August II. the Strong, probably the most influential ruler in the history of Saxony. My hometown Dresden, or at least its centre, was mainly coined by the achievements of his reign, in good and bad ways.

Anyway, we focused little on history but recreation. Thus some pictures to show you the beauty of the place, and maybe invite you to my home.


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