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Getting down south – On my own to Odessa


The year 2014 was a marvellous year, with great projects and experiences. One was definitely ASK14, but it wasn’t my only adventure in Ukraine.With our innovative event format coming up in November 2014, we had a little get-together with the organisers near Kyiv in August. So I had a couple of days in beautiful summerly Ukraine, so I decided to take some extra days – both to visit friends, attend another session of the European Youth Parliament, but also to make a little detour down to the Black Sea and visit Odessa again, this little pearl.

Beach in Odessa

So, just like I did in the past already, I hoped on a night train from Kyiv to Odessa. Though things have changed,  I still find this way of travelling quite relaxing and romantic. It just sucks the time into a black hole – and in particular if you can’t understand or read anything, you just totally give up control. And you stare out of the window or read. Marvellous for a proper vacation.

Beach in Odessa

Odessa has a rich history to offer, but is also particular beautiful during summer days. But I guess this is something to experience yourself. For inspiration, have a look at the gallery here or on Flickr.


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