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As I wrote the last time things are moving a lot recently. After a period of dwelling, my stacks are loaded again and I got a lot to do on my table. But the good thing: you can join me in some – and it will be awesome!

Ever since I returned from Estonia in October I’ve been job hunting. That didn’t turn out very successful yet, so I decided to take a step and I moved back to Magdeburg, the city I’ve been living in for many years. And guess what: once you start moving, the world moves towards you. I am currently involved in several projects, one cooler than the other.

don't forget you are here forever

Firstly, this week we launched #jetztmalehrlich (‘Now let’s be honest’). With the European elections coming up, and the success of populist parties at the last German elections in September, I have this inner fear of a rising anti-European influence in future. Yet, what can I do about it despite talking to my friends, who wouldn’t vote for such parties in the first place? Exactly, expanding my radius of influence and make my friends talk about it. Therefore we launched an initiative that analysis populist anti-European statements and positions in the upcoming election campaigns. And if things go skyrocket, we might actually do some proper campaigning. If you like that idea: we will be having a section about ‘Giving Europe a face’. So during the next weeks we will be looking for international testimonials who would like to share what Europe has done for them. So, what has Europe done for you? Follow us on Facebook.

Another interesting project that just came up is the European Student Science Parliament, taking place in Copenhagen in the end of June. The project is coordinated by Wissenschaft im Dialog and funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation, for which which I have worked a couple of times already in other student parliament simulations. The event in Copenhagen will focus on the “The future of our city” and I’ll be moderating a working group on the future of mobility. That will be pretty cool, because the future of cities with all it’s aspects has been part of my studies and a passion for a couple of years already, and mobility in the proper way is an important topic for me personally – and in the wider way a key word for another project I am currently working on.

Soon I’ll be moderating the Think Tank of the European Youth Parliament in 2014. Mid-April around 20 young Europeans, also with participants beyond the network of EYP, will meet in Berlin to discuss on the challenge of youth unemployment and how mobility can be a key to solve this issue. The project is run by the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa and the Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland – and because it is the year of the elections we will be having cool follow-up events with the EP candidates and meeting representatives of the European Commission in Brussels. Exciting! And to top the awesomeness of it all, you can join in to help us fighting unemployment and have your say. We launched a European Youth Poll on this topic and I would love to hear your opinion about youth unemployment in Europe and your own mobility standards!

And last but not least, I might have a job here in Magdeburg. If things turn out fine I’ll be working at the university for the next half year in a marketing project. But that is still not final…



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