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Surprise trip to Barcelona


Beginning of June, I was asked to reserve a weekend for a surprise trip. We tend to do that for each other frequently, but this time it seemed a bit bigger. So, not knowing what to expect, I was super nervous and wasn’t able to sleep the night before, because I knew we had to get up early. And surely, what followed, was nothing I had in mind…So we had an early morning train direction Amsterdam, which I did not assume would be our destination, because we only went their in January. Anyway, so I rolled myself into my seat expecting to make up on the sleep I missed at night. But after one hour, I was woken up because we had to change in Hanover. That didn’t make me suspicious yet, because that train station is a common changeover station. But we wouldn’t take another intercity train, but only a city train towards the airport.

Arriving at the airport, I had still no idea where we would be going – and the possibilities just expanded. But I asked to keep the secret as long as possible. Yet, I wouldn’t know that that would mean two more hours of waiting in the airport. But when we finally went to the gate (yes, passing security without even knowing where we are going to travel), around 10-15 minutes before departure, the secret was revealed and I was presented with a city guide for Barcelona. I was in joy!

So, we went to the Catalonian coast for 3 days, staying at a decent nice hotel close to the city centre, near a former bullfighting arena that was turned into a shopping centre (luckily!). No wanting to bore you with a detailed travel report, I just warmly recommend going to Barcelona. It is a beautiful, modern and vibrant city. It is easy to access for people coming from outside, open, yet not too touristic if you spare yourself La Rambla during the daytime. But even the beach seems to owned and used intensively by the locals. And for it being a considerably small city (roughly above a million people), it has a massive amount of sights to see and things to do, not all stuffed into a city centre but spread around the whole area. So you can easily keep yourself busy for a couple of consecutive days, even by just roaming around the city.


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