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Swinging on a table – Video documentary of LAUD


Another video project I made during my European Voluntary Service was at LAUD, a temporary art installation in downtown Tallinn. During the whole summer, they had exhibitions and events running, to make people interact with the former grounds of the Estonian Arts Academy, the place where LAUD (Estonian for ‘table’) was placed. One was a one-day installation of glass swings, and I interviewed the artist Kateriin Rikken.

In this interview, the artist explains the reasoning of this project, connecting the past of the Arts Academy with the presence of the people at LAUD, fostering interaction in an urban space.

LAUD was initiated by current and former arts students who all felt a need to connect to the former premises of the arts academy, because, as far as I got told, there is a long-term struggle going on whether to rebuild the academy there or not. The original building was demolished in 2010 and since then the academy is spread throughout the city.


Throughout the summer and autumn of 2013, this little group of enthusiast organised various events, such as art exhibitions, lectures, dance performances, and even teamed up with the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. I really enjoyed popping by that place from time to time, to see how people interact with a simple concrete beam painted yellow.



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