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tearing down this city – Blauer Bock Magdeburg


Magdeburg, my social and emotional hotspot these years, has a more than fascinating story to tell. Having been an inviolable fortress, to the seat of nobles, ended up in being almost completely demolished during the Second World War. What came after was socialism, and with it the architecture that is still visible every day – but things  are changing, and we are currently actively living through it.One of the landmarks of socialistic architecture in Magdeburg is the so called ‘Blauer Bock’, which is a massive prefabricated building in the middle of the city, which was empty since pretty much 25 years, except for some low-budget-shops. Ever since I moved here, I’ve seen it pretty much every day, and nothing changing despite the billboards hanging down the facade.

Blauer Bock - BlueBox Project

I somewhat got used to it, although I hardly have any further emotional connections to it despite some parties that took place there a couple of years ago. But the rest of the building stayed empty and untouched. Up until last year, when the city of Magdeburg was finally able to sell the property – to the local utility company. Oh well. But soon it became clear that they will demolish the block to build their new headquarter. And although they are doing it in a very transparent way, inviting the city’s people to come and have a final look, I am sad it will be gone at some point, because I believe this is part of the city’s history as well; some sort of heritage.

Anyway, I used to chance to go for one of the last sightseeing tours inside and took some photos. Here you go.

There is also a very nice gallery of Wolf Brünning, who took the chance to make a series of some of the apartments a couple of years ago already.

And there is also a little video of the local tv station, which I am not sure how long it will be around.


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