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Trainings, Trainings, Trainings

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In 2007 I’ve started giving trainings, mainly to young volunteers. Naturally coming from the European Youth Parliament, that was my main organisation for facilitating skill development in various areas. But during last year something marvelous happened: I expanded my network and started training other organisations as well, and finally also professionalising my skill set. Now I started taking some time to have a closer look, what I have been able to achieve so far.

Since a couple of years, the European Youth Parliament has started professionalising their training portfolio. Besides Chris and Jonas, whom I am working with on ProG, being stronger evangelists for it, also Maria Manolescu has done an amazing job in recent years as HR-officer. So she also encouraged me to finally join the Pool of Trainers. And today I finally sent my application. Obviously their requirement was to list all the trainings I conducted so far – which was kind of difficult because I’ve only been tracking of them since 2013. However, after digging through several layers of folders, it summoned to 240 hours of training I have given in the last 8 years. This is great!

My recent ones was again for the VDI Junioren Magdeburg, a local organisation of engineering students here in Magdeburg. After I already held a training on self-management and coaching last summer (which I never held before and showed me a lot how important preparations are), we agreed to enter an arena I feel very comfortable with: Leadership Skills. Although we only had 4 hours together, this was by far one of the best trainings I have given so far, and I am happy they put so much trust in me.

So, how does my portfolio look like? Since 2007 I have (at least) conducted 15 trainings in 7 different countries, in German and English, from a small group of people up to 60 at a time. And it seems I got a certain pattern that I am good in.

  • Moderation and Facilitation
  • Group Dynamics
  • Feedback
  • Journalism and Media Education
  • Communication

Visualisation TrainingSurely, there is much more interesting things to teach. But I also see a lot of areas I want to have a deeper look into, but also improve my trainings skills. Therefore I am happy with what 2015 has on the agenda already. Besides my everlasting and always postponed wish to finally dig through and digitalise these tons of training material I have in various notebooks, etc. I am also aiming in learning more from trainings. Next up is a workshop I’ll attend on visualisation – because I really have a space for development there.

But it might as well happen that there will be a return of MEdiT – a training format me and the wonderful Henna Tahvanainen developed and organised in Helsinki in 2011: 30 young spirits from different organisations, gathering and exchange their ideas and methods on how to use media to foster intercultural exchange and youth participation. Also, together with the great Pia, whom I have held several workshops together with, we are planning on actually systemizing training materials and getting all those great trainers together that we worked with in the youth field, and see how we can avoid loosing that passion and skill set but instead including it into “professional life”.

So, yes, 2015 will see more trainings, hopefully. Although I am still convinced, I don’t want to do this as a purely professional career, I also have experienced the potential and power training methods and attitudes have in daily life and work.


Visualisation Training by Martin Hoffmann

Training VDI Junioren Magdeburg Leadership Skills by Christian Behrens


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  1. I’d be happy to join, if there’s anything I can help with! Also, thank you for the nice words 🙂

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